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The Periscope® Desert Island Essay contest

Every book lover has at least one book that they’re so crazy about, they want everyone they meet to read it. It’s the one book they would take with them to that mythical desert island where only the top books, music and movies are allowed.

As a proven book lover (why else are you here?), you probably have at least one in mind, so here’s your opportunity to convince the rest of us to read it. Write an essay of 100 words or less (we know, we know, that’s not enough) that convinces the rest of us to read your special book. Every month we’ll post the best entries right here, and every month we’ll award the writer of the best essay a Periscope® Book Light in a Bookcover. Of course, it’s a contest, so the decision of the judges is final.

So if you can’t write your way to fame and fortune, you may be able to write your way to a Periscope® Book Light in a Bookcover — in the Periscope® Desert Island Essay Contest.

To enter, compose your essay in the box below, and be sure to fill out the contact information. Then click “Submit Essay.” And remember, 100 words or less, no cheating!




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Periscope Essay Contest