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PC Magazine
10 Amazon Kindle 2 Accessories

Although the Kindle 2 has been outfitted with a brighter and sharper screen, you still have to be prepared for low-light environments when reading your e-books.… More
PERISCOPE LIGHTS: the Perfect Fit for Books and Electronic Book Readers
In this era of high-tech gadgetry, I don’t mind admitting that I am a bookworm. There are few pastimes I enjoy more than curling up with a book and a cup of hot chocolate.… More
Illuminate Your Reading with a Periscope Book Light!
If your an avid reader, or know someone who is, then the Periscope Book Light in a Bookcover may just be the perfect and unique gift to give!.… More

Book Pleasures
The Periscope® Book Light Reviewed By Norm Goldman

As a prolific book reviewer and one whose sight is not exactly perfect, especially when I am reading in a dark room, the Periscope® Book Light is just what the doctor ordered.… More

Kindle Case Features Leather and Lights
When Amazon launched the Kindle 2, many of us thought it looked a lot like the iPod, with its slick white body and shiny metal backplate. It also mimicked another iPod trait — the slow sloughing of in-box accessories, in this case the case.… More

Kindle News and Reviews
Periscope Lighted Folio Review
The Periscope Lighted Folio is a cover for the Kindle 2 (or Kindle 1) that has a built-in booklight. This feature makes nighttime reading easier since the Kindle does not have a backlight.More

Periscope Lighted Folio Covers Your Kindle 2, Adds Light For Better Reading
I’m sorry but the idea of a lighted bookcover just never appealed to me.  If I need to read, I turn on the lamp - my life is so  simple that way. However, the Periscope Lighted Folio, a leatherette bookcover for the Amazon Kindle 2 executes it so well that my snarky mind is pleased.More

The Times Union
A New Kind of Book Light

Now here’s a product that sounds pretty cool: a battery-powered book light that always stays with the book you’re reading. The Periscope® Book Light in a Bookcover comes in hard… More

Lookit! I Spy Must or Bust
Attention All Book Readers!

This product is for you! The Periscope® Book Light in a Bookcover. It's a battery powered book light in a book cover that always stays with the book that you are… More

7 Gadgets
Periscope® Book Light in a Bookcover

The patented Periscope Book Light in a Bookcover eliminates all cords, clips and clutter and let you read what you want where you want in all types of low-light reading environments… More

Pittsburgh Tribune Review
Trib tested: Periscope® Book Lights

Late-night reading in bed is always problematic. With a partner, there are obvious limitations, especially for the light-sensitive. And most book lights are… More

Practical Travel Gear
Review of the Periscope® Book Light in a Bookcover

I have run reviews of a few book lights before, including the Light Wedge, the Spike Light, and the Flex Neck. This Periscope Book Light provides a different approach… More

Bright idea

The Periscope LED Book Light in a Bookcover allows providers to read manuals, books and other documents in dimly lit areas… More

Travel Blissful
New The Periscope® Book Light in a Bookcover Debuts At Barnes & Noble

Anyone who has ever found themselves trying to read at night, without disturbing people around them, will want to check out the world’s first integrated LED book light in a book cover. The new patented Periscope book light… More

Best Book Lights

This Periscope® Book Light provides a new approach to the book light choices. A leather cover wraps around your book and then from the top, a telescoping periscope comes out and can extend over the pages of what you are reading. More

Travel Product Guide
Periscope® Book Light in a Bookcover

If you love to read while traveling, this book light is just perfect. It allows you to read comfortably on the plane or in your hotel room without disturbing anyone around you. More