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Whether you are reading a paperback or hardcover book, you can protect your book and privacy, and read wherever you like with your new Lighted Cover+Light Gift Set. Our patented LED light can move from cover to cover in seconds, so its always with the book you are reading. The retractable light stores in the bookcover with the book you are reading. Simply extend the light to be able to read in comfort in any low light situation, whether in bed, traveling, or sitting with others who want to watch a movie. Both covers come with a built-in bookmark for additional convenience.

With our LED light it won't matter if you are reading a Best Seller edition in Hardback or Mass Market Paperback! You can still get light to cover both pages, top to bottom, and aimed on your book so as not to disturb the person next to you.


“What a simple yet brilliant concept! It makes my bookish heart sigh wistfully just thinking of how many more books I would have been able to read if only someone had come up with this product years earlier..”
— A Book Blogger’s Diary

Deluxe Reader's Gift Set

Mass Market Bookcover, Hardcover Bookcover, Twin LED light Regularly $34.95. NOW ON SALE!