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Periscope® Helps You Do Your Best Work In The Dark. Also Makes A Perfect Cover for the Amazon Kindle DX®

The new Periscope® Executive Lighted Portfolio is ideal for anyone who must work in a dark environment: college dorms, during presentations, seminars and meetings, on red-eye airplane flights and trains, in theaters, in bed or outdoors at night.


The built-in, wide-angle, high intensity LED light bathes the entire work area in a clean white light that automatically turns on when the arm of the light is extended and turns off when the arm is retracted. The light is powered by three AA batteries (not included) that deliver over 40 hours of continuous light.


The portfolio is ergonomically designed to incorporate an 8-1/2” X 11” writing pad and an expandable document compartment, along with zippered storage and pockets for business cards and a calculator. What's more, this remarkable all-in-one solution is designed to serve as an ideal cover for the new Amazon Kindle DX wireless reading device.  


Meeting attendees, airplane and train travelers, film-screening studio executives and critics, stage production specialists, transportation professionals, law enforcement officers, teachers, and college students can all be more productive without being disruptive, thanks to the Periscope® Executive Lighted Portfolio.

“What a simple yet brilliant concept! It makes my bookish heart sigh wistfully just thinking of how many more books I would have been able to read if only someone had come up with this product years earlier..”
— A Book Blogger’s Diary

Periscope® Executive Lighted Portfolio

The Periscope® Executive Lighted Portfolio illuminates your work area when the built-in light is extended, switches off when retracted. Stay organized, with an 8-1/2” X 11” writing pad, expandable document compartment, zippered storage and pockets for cards and calculator.

Color: Black

Dimensions: 10 3/4” H X 12 1/4” W X 1 1/2” D. Weighs 27.2 oz OUT OF STOCK