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Periscope® Lighted Folio for Amazon Kindle Keyboard & gen.2 6" models,  Barnes & Noble nook, and Sony Daily Edition e-readers. 


For everyone who has joined the e-reader digital reading revolution, Periscope® now offers a single compact Lighted Folio designed to work with the Amazon Kindle Keyboard & gen.2, B&N Nook and the Sony Daily Edition! Like all Periscope e-reader solutions, this lighted folio also comes with a built-in retractable twin LED reading light, notepad and pen holder.

Ideal for reading at home or on the road, simply slip your e-reader into the custom designed holder, pull up the retractable, twin LED reading light, and begin reading in any low light environment — in bed, on a bus, train, or airplane, as well as in a car or conference room.

The Lighted Folio's built-in 5” x 8” notepad and pen holders makes it ideal for students and business users. The Periscope light is powered by three "AA" batteries (not included) that last at least 40 hours.

The Folio's left side cover can be folded over so the note pad is positioned behind the Kindle and locked in place with the magnetic cover snap to facilitate one-handed use.

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“What a simple yet brilliant concept! It makes my bookish heart sigh wistfully just thinking of how many more books I would have been able to read if only someone had come up with this product years earlier..”
— A Book Blogger’s Diary


Lighted Folio for 6" screen e-readers

Color: Black, Pink, Steel Blue


Dimensions: 8-1/4"H X 7-1/2"W X 1-1/4"D
Weight: 13 ounces



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